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Artist bio

Michael was living at the North London YMCA hostel when he participated in the Accumulate photography course. He wrote this about his life now:

“I am excited that I followed this photography course because I can see how far I have come from the beginning to now. It’s exciting for me to make a change and learn something new. To see my image being displayed gives me a sense of accomplishment. I have noticed changes in myself and improvements in my technical skills in photography. For instance, my studio photography work has taught me how to communicate with others as well as how to experiment with lighting. Photography has given me a new idea of how the world around us is composed. I feel that it was good to photograph and learn how to focus on buildings, strangers and other things. I feel that because I have learnt new skills, I want to take it further in the future. It could take me on a brilliant journey towards an education. Pursuing another photography course in London would enhance my personal life as photography is now of great interest to me. I want to feel like this again, so I’m going to get myself a camera and go out and do it again. I want it to be a part of my life - I enjoy it and I would like to have a career in it.“


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xoxoxoxoxoxo18 by Michael Morris

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  • Material

    Fine Art Paper

    Print Size

    30 x 40cm


    40 x 50cm

    Black Wood