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Artist bio

Kojo was living in East London, YMCA Hostel, when he participated in the Accumulate creative workshops. He wrote the following about his experience on the project:“The project meant hope and opportunity for me as I felt I had room to improve as a person and photography helps me achieve that. Working with Accumulate is how I got into photography - the people I met at Accumulate helped foster my photographic passion but in order to be a good photographer, you need to be passionate, have a sharp eye and a camera! Each week I noticed changes in myself - nothing substantial, but in the end, they all made a difference to me. My vision and reflexes grew sharper and I became more sensitive to colour. I often see things in a more broad and abstract way. Nothing is normal anymore. Some may see people; I see beauty, colour, uniqueness and various quirks. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Accumulate, and I feel despair because I don’t want to leave. Hopefully, in the future, I could work with Accumulate as a tutor to help foster a photographic passion in young people.”


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Three Pink Barrels by Nii Kojo Bortey

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    2-You'll feel wonderful about supporting young artists

    3-It will help young people to get off the street

  • Material

    Fine Art Paper

    Print Size

    30 x 40cm


    40 x 50cm

    Black Wood