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Artist bio
Max came to the Accumulate photography workshops as a client of Freedom From Torture. He went on to be awarded a scholarship to study on the Access to HE course in Design and Digital Media at Ravensbourne University London. He wrote this about his life now: “At Accumulate, I have learnt about life. We are able to see with our own eyes, but with photography, we can see the world differently - we can see the things with another eye. The world is beautiful, just take your camera and take some pictures. You can always find some light of hope when life seems to be without it - hope can’t be completely empty.”

Small World by Max Sita-Mbele

  • 1-You love it

    2-You'll feel wonderful about supporting young artists

    3-It will help young people to get off the street

  • Material

    Fine Art Paper

    Print Size

    30 x 40cm


    40 x 50cm

    Black Wood