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Artist bio
Louis was living at the Evolve Housing hostels in South London when he took part in the Accumulate photography workshops. He took this photograph whilst on a street photography workshop that Accumulate organised. He wrote this about the photograph and his time on Accumulate: “My photograph is a shot of a café window. The window was covered with art: more specifically, seven faces of similar looking people. I found the art piece interesting because of the various expressions displayed on their faces. I decided to title this photo Seven Faces. On my first day at the Accumulate photography project, I couldn't wait to arrive as I've always been interested in photography. During the first session, I heard a few stories about people’s backgrounds and how they came from literally nothing and had made a good career for themselves. After the initial talk, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a camera and start snapping away. From the first day I loved my pictures but wasn't 100% happy with them as I had never handled a DSLR, but my confidence grew each time and I started to become happier with my photos. I have learnt that no matter how doubtful you may be, you can still pull off some great shots.”


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Seven Faces by Louis Davies

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    Fine Art Paper

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    30 x 40cm


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    Black Wood