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Artist bio
Aaron was living at the Evolve hostel in Stockwell when he participated in the Accumulate magazine project. The group sat around a table and produced artwork, illustrations, poems and stories that would later be curated into issue 2 of the Accumulate DECAY magazine. Every day, Aaron would bring his creative work and this piece was in response to a discussion about different models of mobile phones. He wrote this about his life now: “It’s 2019 and I’m 20 years old - almost 21. I was 17-18 at the time of the displayed art. My name’s Aaron, studying at The Academy of Contemporary Music. I left my mother’s at 14 and was homeless on and off for 7 years. I am very artsy, and do music engineering, modelling, acting, set designing, producing and song writing. I graduated from a contemporary dance school when I was 13. My father, who was divorced at the time, told my mother to withdraw me from ballet or I couldn’t go and see him anymore. When I was 10, I sold drawings in the playground, and at 9, I was captain of Crystal Palace, but hated watching sport. I shine a light on areas of life that are dark, and I show the dirty colour of fuel and the beauty within it.”

Bricky Brick by Aaron Powell

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  • Material

    Fine Art Paper

    Print Size

    30 x 40cm


    40 x 50cm

    Black Wood