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Artist bio
Lisa was living at the Depaul Hostel in Greenwich when she participated in the Accumulate creative workshops. She was awarded an Accumulate scholarship to study on the Access to HE course in Design and Digital Media at Ravensbourne University London. Lisa is now studying a BA on a Digital Photography course. She wrote this about her experience of Accumulate: “Accumulate has really helped me to realise what it is I want to do later on in life - I always had a passion for the media industry from a very young age. I studied photography for four years during secondary school and then went onto college to study media as a whole and I loved it! Even the essay writing was interesting to me. Unfortunately, my love with media came to an unexpected harsh end - my housing fell through as I was renting a flat from a family friend and I was homeless for the second time in my life. While all my friends were off to university - something I also planned to do - I had to put off that dream to sort out my living situation. When my hostel support worker informed me about the Accumulate project, I was a little sceptical about it, yet at the same time I was so excited to be getting back into something I had such a passion for. I felt like any chance of pursuing my love for the media industry was over when I didn’t go to university, like the rest of my friends. A couple of weeks into the course we were told about the chance to receive a scholarship to Ravensbourne. Straight away my excitement increased, I thought maybe I could still have a career in the media industry. I felt that it was my chance to redeem myself in terms of education and bettering myself. It was a big incentive to work just that little bit harder and make all my shots as perfect as I could. The course has also helped me better myself, not just my photography. When I first turned up, I was so anxious and nervous I didn’t speak to anybody, but as time went by, I’ve become more comfortable and confident with both my teachers and other people on the course. Furthermore, it has helped me take bigger steps to getting over my anxiety issues as there have been times where I have had to speak to members of the public as I needed their permission to take certain photographs. This amazes me as there have been times where I’d even avoid answering my phone because I felt anxious about the conversation, even when it would be something completely normal and nothing to worry about. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities, the support and services Accumulate has been offering me. It has got me so excited about doing things again. I look back at it now and I understand it was meant to be - I was meant to go on this course and the spotlight is on me now. I still can’t believe it.”


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Angles by Lisa Louise Macgregor

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  • Material

    Fine Art Paper

    Print Size

    30 x 40cm


    40 x 50cm

    Black Wood